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Pre17 weeks pregnantgnancyLots of moms are having kids when theyre 35 and over. Here are 8 reasons pregnancy gets better with age.

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17Congratulations, and welcome to your pregnancy! Heres what to expect each week and how to have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Is it safe to drink wine here and there while youre pregnant?

How Zika is transmitted and how to protect yourself and baby.

Recently I had an ultrasound and I was told that my cervix is short. What does having a short cervix mean? Will it grow to accommodate my baby?

Ive heard there are all sorts of ways to predict what your babys gender will be. What are they? Are they accurate?

Check our due date calculator for your week

How you can tell when this labor sign has happened.

Heres what moms would tell their past-selves about becoming parents.

Not sure what youll actually need? Our guide to the biggest essentials for babys first year.

What to Expect is a Ziff Davis company along with

Im just itching to tell people Im expecting. When should you tell people youre pregnant - do you really have to wait until your second trimester to share?

A few weeks ago I started feeling pain and pressure in my pelvic region, and now the pain is traveling down the inside of my leg, it hard to work. My doctor says I have SPD what is that?

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